Admission fees

The total admission price of the Technik Museum Sinsheim includes a visit to the two fully accessible supersonic jets Concorde and Tupolev TU-144 which have been placed on the museum roof. In the exhibition halls, there is something for everyone to be discovered: antique cars and motorcycles of all eras, huge steam locomotives, Formula-1 legends, racy sports cars, record vehicles like the Blue Flame or Brutus, agricultural machinery, gigantic engines, a military history exhibition and much more. The prices for travel groups, clubs, vintage car clubs and school classes (15 people or more) can be found > here.

Entrance at the Technik Museum Sinsheim and one show at the IMAX 3D Laser 4k Theater (except feature films)

Children to 4 years:

Free admissionWhy?

Please note: Due to the strong audiovisual impressions we recommend a visit to the IMAX 3D Laser 4k Theater only for children over 4 years.

Children 5 to 14 years: € 17,-
Adults: € 21,-


Technik Museum Sinsheim
Entrance at the Technik Museum Sinsheim with all exhibitions

Children to 4 years: Free admission
Children 5 to 14 years: € 13,-
Adults: € 16,-


One show at the IMAX 3D Laser 4k Theater (except feature films)

Children to 4 years:

Free admission

Due to the strong audiovisual impressions we recommend a visit to the IMAX 3D Laser 4k Theater only for children over 4 years.

Children 5 to 14 years: € 8,-
Adults: € 12,-


Entrance at the Technik Museum Sinsheim and Technik Museum Speyer. Also included is one show at the IMAX 3D Laser 4k Theater (Sinsheim, except feature films) and one show at IMAX DOME Theater (Speyer). The days of each visits can be choosen freely.

Children to 4 years:

Free admissionWhy?

Please note: Due to the strong audiovisual impressions we recommend a visit to the IMAX theater only for children over 4 years.

Children 5 to 14 years: € 30,-

€ 38,- (not valid on 9 and 10 May 2020)

This offer is not available on Saturday, 9 May 2019 and Sunday, 10 May 2020 due to the event Brazzeltag in the Technik Museum Speyer. The visit of the Technik Museum Speyer is not possible with already received Superkombi tickets this weekend.


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Opening hours
How to reach the museum

Handicapped persons

Disabled persons with a valid ID card visiting the museum only pay the reduced admission for children under 14 years. ID card owner with the note "B" (required companion) can take advantage of free entry to a companion.

Accommodation in Sinsheim

Comfortable accommodation can be found in the Hotel Sinsheim directly next to the museum.
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    Frequently asked questions:

    How much time should I reserve for a visit to the Technik Museum Sinsheim?

    A normal tour of the exhibitions takes about 3 to 4 hours. For technology and vintage car fans we recommend to reserve a whole day for the museum visit.

    Can admission tickets or ticket vouchers also be ordered by mail?

    Yes - switch to our ONLINE-Shop on this website and look for the section "Pauschalpakete und Tickets". There you can order tickets and vouchers for the Technik Museum Sinsheim and the IMAX 3D movie theater as well as many other interesting museum items.

    Can I take my dog with me?

    Sorry, dogs are not allowed in the museum or the open-air ground.

    Is the museum accessible to wheelchairs and baby buggies?

    Most parts of the museum (parking places, restaurant, lobby with ticket office, open-air ground, ground floor of the museum halls etc.) are barrier-free. There are also special sanitary facilities for mothers with babies and handicapped people. However, the upper floors of the museum halls and some of the exhibits, like the aircraft on the museum roof, are not accessible to handicapped people or persons with baby buggies.

    Can I pay by EC or credit card?

    Yes, we accept EC cards as well as major credit cards at our ticket office and in our souvenir shop. You can also pay with your EC card in our restaurant (no credit cards accepted there). In the museum lobby there is also an automated teller machine.

    Do you have lockers for helmets and bags?

    Yes - in our museum foyer there are free lockers for helmets, motorcyclist equipment, and bags. Motorcyclists groups that need to store a lot of helmets and bags should let the museum ticket desk know - we would be happy to store your equipment in a locked storeroom.

    Can I take pictures in the museum?

    Taking photographs for private purposes is allowed in the Technik Museum Sinsheim without limitation. Please feel free to use aids such as tripods and spotlights, as long as their use does not disturb other museum visitors. You are welcome to publish images you have taken and films you have made on your own non-commercial sites, on image sharing sites, or on social sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Flickr etc.

    I am a journalist and want to report about the museum.

    In our Mediabox you will find the latest press releases and a large selection of images that can be used free of charge:

    I want to advertise a trip to your museum. Where can I find images and texts?

    Journalists and also bus companies and tour operators, hoteliers, restaurant owners, business partners, and Internet bloggers will find countless images, videos, and texts in our Mediabox, which can be used free of charge. Please note the terms of use!

    Packages deals with accommodation

    Our Hotel Sinsheim is in close proximity to the Technik Museum Sinsheim. 110 comfortably furnished, fully air-conditioned rooms with showers, offer you the highest sleeping comfort. For you, we offer inexpensive holiday packages with accommodation, which alternately contain either a museum visit or a trip to the Thermen & Badewelt Sinsheim (spa), or to the Tripsdrill amusement park. You can book the following offers directly through the Hotel Sinsheim.

    2-Day Museum Package

    The Technik Museum Speyer is located only 40 km from the Technik Museum Sinsheim, and is also worth a trip. Combine a visit to both museums with accommodations at the Hotel Speyer am Technik Museum, or in the Hotel Sinsheim. A show at the IMAX 3D movie theatre Sinsheim and IMAX DOME movie theatre Speyer is also included in the price!
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    SPA in Sinsheim

    Combine your eventful visit at the Technik Museum Sinsheim and its accessible Concorde, with a "short holiday under the palm trees" in the Sauna and Wellness Thermen & Badewelt Sinsheim, and accommodations at the Hotel Sinsheim. Relaxation at the Thermen & Badewelt Sinsheim awaits you only a few minutes’ walk from the entrance of the museum: discover your perfect wellness spot in holiday paradise. Turquoise water, pleasant temperatures, and more than 400 real south sea palm trees will allow you to truly relax in palm tree paradise.
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    Technikmuseum + Themepark Tripsdrill

    Apart from accommodations in the Hotel Sinsheim and museum entrance, this package includes an entertaining day at the Tripsdrill amusement park, which is only a few kilometres from Sinsheim. Over 100 original attractions, including the Tripsdrill wild paradise, await you near a historic landmark, the Altweibermühle (old women’s mill). Highlights include the MAMMUT (mammoth) wooden roller coaster and the Karacho (high speed) catapult roller coaster.
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