American Dream Cars

For more than two decades the big cars dominated American highways. With luxurious outfits, larger-than-life bodies gleaming with chrome, giant V8-engines, supersoft suspensions and the obligatory white-wall tires, they characterized the “American Way of Life“, just as hamburgers, petticoats, rock‘n-roll and Coca-Cola. Read more...

Apart from the skyscrapers, the American cars of that period were probably the best example to demonstrate to the world that, in America, everything is a bit bigger. Particularly in the 1950s and 1960s, these huge, chrome-gleaming stately vehicles developed into standard cars which were as commonplace in America as was a VW Beetle in Germany. But then this special type of automobile met with a sudden end. Just like the dinosaurs, the Chevys and Fords had simply become too big, and when, after the first oil crisis that came in the early 1970s, the horn of plenty finally ran dry in America too, the struggle for survival began for American automobile producers which had failed to see the writing on the wall in time. But even today many automobile fans are still fantasizing about gliding along an endless highway in a dream car of this kind.

At the Technik Museum Sinsheim we show you the largest collection of these dream cars in Europe, in a fitting environment. Every year in August you can experience these vehicles in action on the open grounds at the US car convention!