Caterpillar Cat D9

Besides commercial vehicles, the department for utility vehicles at the Technik Museum Sinsheim also has various specimen of building machinery on exhibit, among them this impressive bulldozer by Caterpillar. At its introduction in 1954 the Cat D9 was the biggest bulldozer worldwide that was built up to that time. One year later it was performing on construction sites all over the world.

The gigantic vehicle has a weight of 25 tons and is powered by a Cat D353 turbine diesel-engine. On offer were two versions, Model 18A with direct drive, and Model 19A with torque converter. In spite of its age of nearly 50 years this bulldozer is still completely fit for use and in a position to level as good as anything getting in its way. On a video at the bulldozer visitors can watch in graphic detail what kind of forces are at work to this end.

Technical Data:
Year of Construction: 1956; Motor: 6-Cylinder-turbo-diesel with 24 liters displacement and a power of 286 hp.