Concorde F-BVFB

The highlight of the Technik Museum Sinsheim aircraft collection is undoubtedly the original Air France Concorde F-BVFB. This supersonic jet is completely accessible to our museum visitors – a staircase leads visitors from "Flight Deck" up to 30 meters, allowing access into the passenger compartment and viewing of the cockpit. The original Rolls-Royce engines can be seen in the museum, along with numerous accessories and technical equipment. This queen of the air was transported from Paris in 2003 via Baden-Baden to the Technik Museum Sinsheim, and has since been available to admire next to its once Russian competitor, the Tupolev TU-144.

The serial number 7 was included in the Air France fleet on 8 April 1976. From 1 September until 21 September 1976 the aircraft flew round the world thereby covering a distance of 47,572 kilometers in 38 hours and 13 minutes. Altogether, this “Concorde” accomplished 14,771 flight hours and 5,473 flights.

Technical date / Things worth knowing

Length: 62.13 m, Wing Span: 25.56 m, Height: 12.22 m, Fuselage Width: 2.88 m, Wing Surface: 358 m², Cabin Length: 39.57 m, Cabin Width: 2.63 m, Cabin Height: 1.96 m, First Flight : March 6, 1976, Commission: April 8, 1976, Supersonic Flights: 4,791, Total Flights: 5,473, Flight Hours: 14,771, Total Thrust: 677.2 kN, Net Weight: 78,900 Kg, Max. Take-off Weight: 185,070 Kg, Max. Landing Weight: 111,130 Kg, Max. Fuel: 119,786 liters, Fuel Consumption: 428 liters / min., Cruising Altitude: ca. 16,000 m, Max. Altitude: ca. 18,290 m, Cruising Speed: Mach 2.02, Max. Speed: Mach 2.02, Take-off Speed: 397 km/h, Landing Speed: 300 km/h, Passengers max.: 100, Crew: 3 cockpit / 6 cabin