Mountain railway Crocodile

This “Crocodile“ from Austria (shown above) covered quite a few millions of railway-track-kilometers in the steep mountainous rail networks of the Alps. On its last ride to Sinsheim station, which it took together with its Italian “sister”, both of them were pulled by a diesel engine. Loading was a sensation. Three giant cranes lifted the 110 ton locomotive, almost like a toy, from the tracks onto a flat bed trailer which brought it the last two kilometers to the museum.

With the “Gotthardbahn“ the Swiss Federal Railways commenced their most important international railway line in 1909. Since the steep sections kept causing problems for steam engines, a new electric engine was designed in the 1920s, which not only had great traction force but, on top of that, was also manoeuvrable enough to master the short radius curves at the Gotthard.

Under the name “Crocodile“ this outstanding locomotive subsequently won legendary fame. Two drive motors with a power of 700 kWh each are installed below the characteristic attachments to drive the three live axles per attachment via a coupling rod. The locomotive on exhibition was in service up to the early 1980s.