Ferrari F40

The Ferrari F40 was launched on the 21st July 1987 to a select circle of journalists and friends of the brand. A year earlier, Enzo Ferrari had personally commissioned the development of this special model to mark the 40th anniversary since the founding of the company. This is where the name F40 comes from. Originally, only 450 units were supposed be built. The demand was so great that production was expanded to 1,315 vehicles. The Ferrari F40 is a racecar for the road and on its launch was supposedly the fastest car approved for normal road traffic. This super sports car with its strong 478 hp, eight-cylinder engine with twin turbocharger accelerates to 200 km/h in only 11.3 seconds. Its top speed is over 340 km/h. The interior is extremely spartan, made mostly from materials like Kevlar and carbon, which are common among racecars. The only luxury is the indispensable air conditioning.