IMAX 3D Laser 4K

Welcome to the future! The IMAX 3D film experience with a brandnew 4k laser projection technology goes beyond traditional film technology and introduces an absolute breathtaking film experience – by adding the 12 channel surround sound tonal system with mega bass the film’s storyline becomes even physically sensible.

Now IMAX 3D Sinsheim is making history again with its brand new IMAX 4k laser technology in Germany. The core of the new technology is two giant laser projectors which project both 2D and 3D movies in digital 4K quality on a 22 x 27 metre screen as high as the ceiling. Only someone who has seen an IMAX film on such a screen can appreciate what these numbers mean. With the digital 4K technology a brilliance and sharpness is achieved, despite the gigantic image size, which goes far beyond classic film technology. The IMAX experience is an event for all the senses in that it also includes a completely new 12-channel surround sound system with mega bass, which allows you to physically feel the movie action.

  • Laser 4K projection
  • Crystal-clear and razor sharp
  • Gigantic 22 x 27 m screen
  • 12-channel surround sound with mega bass
  • Unique adventure documentary
  • And Hollywood blockbusters in IMAX size