3D-Film Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming

130 minutes min. age: 12 years

He's back! In the summer of 2017 Tom Holland returns to his role as Peter Parker aka Spider-Man. There is no less to the side than the Avengers icon Robert Downey Jr., who prepares him for his new role as a superhero.
Still euphoric from the gripping battle with the Avengers, Peter returns to his home where he lives with his aunt May and under the watchful eye of his new mentor, Tony Stark. However, it is not easy for him to find his way around in everyday life - on the contrary, he wants to prove that he is more than the sympathetic Spider-Man from the neighborhood. But when The Vulture appears as a new opponent, everything that Peter is important in life suddenly comes into great danger.
FSK min. age: 12 years (FSK)
Further information

Minimum age for this film in accordance with FSK: 12 years This film has been approved by the FSK organisation for persons aged 12 years and over. Entrance to the cinema is subject to age checks. Access is refused to persons below the minimum age or without appropriate documentary proof of age.

Parental guidance (PG) Films with the rating "FSK 12" can be attended by children from 6 years of age, if they are accompanied by an authorised custodian. Custodial rights basically rest with the parents. Note: in this case a custodian authorised by the parents (with custodial rights) is not sufficient. Example: an adult uncle CANNOT attend an FSK 12 film with his 10-year nephew, even if he has been authorised in writing by parents with custodial rights to do so.


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