Indian Four (1941)

The year 1929 already saw the advent of the successor model of the “Ace“, which was henceforth sold under the name “Indian Four“. A type code was used to distinguish the various models. The first “Indian Four“ model of 1929 was type 401, the last series of 1942 was type 442. The “Indian Four“ of 1941 shown here belonged to the last series. Prominent features are the big mudguards with their broad wheel covers, which were introduced as essential novelties as of 1940, together with rear wheel spring suspension. Further remarkable characteristics are the engine block of excellent stylistic design as well as the elevated, horizontal exhaust pipe.

The displacement of the engine remained unchanged in all that time, only the output was increased to 40 hp, sufficient for a speed of about 145 km/h. From 1942 through 1945 Indian concentrated on building military motorbikes with 2-cylinderengines, and the production of the big 4-cylinder models was no longer resumed after the end of the war.