Maybach Saw

This Maybach vehicle is in truly unrestored condition. In the difficult period after WW II, the once proud and imposing car was converted into a mobile saw vehicle in order for the owner to earn a living. The luxury car thus “abused” as a utility vehicle is a 1935 Maybach DSH of which only 50 units were built. The original price of the car was an exorbitant 25,000 Reichsmark. Powered by a 5.1 l 6-cylinder engine with 130 hp output it once reached a top speed of 135 km/h. Until 1986, it was owned by Mr. Georg Ewald, who worked with the wood saw vehicle till his old age. He ordered in his last will, by which he donated the Maybach saw to the Museum, that it should remain and be exhibited in unrestored condition.