Meeting of historical agricultural machines

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LANZ, Schlueter and Co. – From Friday to Sunday there will be bubbling, hissing and rattling on the museum grounds in Sinsheim. We are expecting more than 100 highly polished tractors at the meeting of historic agricultural machines. In addition to casual petrol talks, there are awards and demonstrations of selected vehicles as well as LANZ tours for children.

In addition to talking shop among like-minded people, a varied program is intended to entertain both participants and visitors. An extensive program is offered from Friday to Sunday, such as an exclusive LANZ training course. Here, LANZ experts demonstrate how the legendary two-stroke diesel is preheated and fired up and what pitfalls one has to watch out for. The popular dexterity course, where you can put your skills to the test, can also be completed again by the brave. Selected vintage tractors are presented, explained and awarded.

Information for visitors
The meeting of historic agricultural machines takes place from Friday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Admission to the event site is free. Note on visitor parking

During the agricultural machinery meeting, we charge 5 euros per visitor vehicle. This counts as a down payment for admission to the Technik Museum Sinsheim and is offset against the purchase of the museum admission ticket. (Note: A different regulation applies to participating vehicles - see below)

Information for active participants
At the beginning of March 2023, the conditions of participation will be published and the registration form will be activated.