Mercedes-Benz 770 K

But ten of there heavily plated limousines were built altogether, three of them are still existing. In 1943 the car shown on this page was turned over to the presidential chancellery where it served as a staff car for the high brass, among them also Heinrich Himmel. At the end of the war it was left behind at the Oberzalzberg.

According to its intended purpose the vehicle weighing a good 4.5 tons as a result of its extensive plating was equipped with a number of special features; among them emergency power-locks to prevent the doors from being opened from the outside. To keep the thick bullet-proof front window from fogging up, fresh air was conducted through manifold pipes and blown into the window from the outside. The powerful supercharged engine enabled the car to reach a maximum speed of 140 km/h in spite of its heavy weight. Howerver, due to the enormous strain on the tires the speed was limited to 80 km/h.