NSU Self Building

These three motorbikes with sidecars were built by Franz Langer. It took 3 years to build the NSU 2000. The frame was custom-built by Franz Langer. The engine was based on the crankcase of a NSU 600 army bike. To accommodate the gigantic 146 mm borehole, it was expanded horizontally and vertically by 66 mm. The crankshaft alone weighs 34 kg and the total weight of the bike sums up to 305 kg. The crankcase for the NSU 1000 (middle picture) was also taken from an NSU 600 and expanded to make room for the larger cylinders with vertical shaft drive.

The sidecars are aluminium frame constructions custom-built by Franz Langer. The NSU 500 has an official approval for road service and was regularly used on normal streets until July 2008. The sidecar (a “racing boat”), however, was approved only for transportation of goods and not for passenger transportation.