Planet Power 3D-Film

45 minutes no minimum age required Deutsch

From now on, the IMAX 3D Cinema in Sinsheim will be presenting the new documentary film "Planet Power" on Germany's largest IMAX screen.

The film explores the history of electricity, looking at such scientists as Faraday, Franklin, Edison and Tesla who changed the world. We will be looking into the future, meeting modern adventurers Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg as they fly the Solar Impulse, the first aircraft only powered by the sun. The film also examines the challenges of the future, asking how we can we meet the growing energy needs of our industrialised world while protecting the health of our planet. By harnessing a wealth of renewable natural resources and applying innovative new technologies, the next generation of scientists and adventurers are already working on creating a sustainable and clean energy future.

"Planet Power" is by no means a dry educational film. Humorous clips and beautiful landscape shots make sure that the story of electricity is told in an entertaining way. This movie experience by nWave Pictures is thus a great movie for families, children, and school classes.