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Historic Sawing Machines Meeting

    On 29 and 30 August 2020 the Vintage Tractor Club Kurpfalz (Oldtimer Schlepper Club Kurpfalz) in cooperation with the Technik Museum Sinsheim organizes the fourth meeting for the friends of historic sawing machines on the open air ground of the museum. Historic self-propelled sawing machines, the oldest from 1932, as well as two-man cross-cut saws and motor saws are shown in action.

    Firewood, which was indispensable in particular for the rural population, had to be painfully sawn by hand until the time after WW I. With the general technical developments and the increasing availability of cars and combustion engines clever village blacksmiths got the idea to equip car undercarriages with stationary engines mainly from Deutz and Schlüter. By means of a flat belt the engine then was used to propel both, the vehicle and the saw. To change between driving and sawing mode, the flat belt was switched to the respective belt pulley with the help of a free wheel. In the winter, such sawing machines could be encountered in every village until the early 1970s. During the meeting historic collector’s items of this type of sawing machine can be watched in action on the premises of the museum.