Sopur handbike

The kinds of world records out there never cease to amaze. Dr Thomas Lange from Berlin is confined to a wheelchair due to mobility issues. He achieved a world record in the USA on a handbike, which he has given to the Technik Museum Sinsheim on long-term loan.

He used the Shark S FMG bike on display in the Museum to cover a distance of 648 kilometres during the 24-hour race at Sebring in Florida. This enabled him to reach a new world record for arm-powered bicycles. The distance is roughly equivalent to that between Berlin and Sinsheim. He even left experienced cyclists behind with this incredible mileage. Dr Lange's sporting achievement was ultimately included in the Guinness Book of Records.

The exhibit on display is known as a handbike. This 3-wheeled piece of sports equipment is a high-tech bike powered by both arms via a crank mechanism. Its high continuous speeds and a marked training benefit for the upper body muscles are distinguishing features. Handbike competitions take place almost every weekend around the world as part of various race series.