Historical Stihl chainsaws

Since time immemorial, wood has been an ideal material that has always been available to mankind in sufficient quantities. People learnt how to use wood as far back as early antiquity and adapted woodworking to the knowledge and understanding of the time.

Stihl, a company which is a member of the Förderverein des Technik Museum Sinsheim e.V., is displaying chainsaws from 1926 to the present day. Museum visitors can follow the development of these tools, which demonstrates how job profiles have changed over the course of time. Whereas four men would once have laboriously dragged a large saw through a piece of wood, nowadays chainsaws mean that one man can do the same work in a much shorter time.

The "Stihl tree-felling machine" saw Andreas Stihl make a reality of his idea of a motorised saw that could be transported to a tree, and operated independently of the power grid. This machine's predecessor was the first "electric chain saw", dating from 1926.