Superheated steam engine

From 1929 through 1961 this superheated steam engine of the papermill Bohnenberger & Cie. in Niefern provided the required electricity for the factory. The single cylinder with a capacity of 211 liters is powered by live steam with a temperature of 350°C and a pressure of 12 Bar. The steam engine has an output of 1200 hp generating electric power of 100 kw/h.

Following its shut-down the papermill had been trying for many years to find someone willing to save the machine from scrapping. But it took until 1981 before an interested party was found in the Technik Museum Sinsheim who trusted that they were capable of expertly dismantling the huge machinery and rebuilding it again ready to function. Part by part the power station was dismantled and brought to Sinsheim where it can now be admired as a memorial of industrial history.