Tupolev TU-144

In the sixties the engineers of the British/French "Concorde" and the Russian Tupolev TU-144 were competing for first place in getting a supersonic commercial plane airborne. On December 31, 1968 the first prototype of the Tupolev TU-144 took flight, before the Concorde did. In 2001, after lengthy negotiations, the Museum Association succeeded in acquiring a model of this type, which had written an important chapter of aeronautic history, for the aircraft exhibition in Sinsheim. Like our Concorde, this craft is also boasting a fully walk-in interior.

After long negotiations the Museum Society succeeded in acquiring a specimen of this type of plane for the airplane exhibition in Sinsheim. In a sensational transport covering a distance of over 4000 km from Moscow to Sinsheim the Tupolev TU-144 was brought by water and over land to the museum´s premises where it was mounted on three steel pillars in take-off position above the museum´s roof.

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