US-Car Meeting

The meeting for classic American cars at the AUTO & TECHNIK MUSEUM SINSHEIM

On Saturday and Sunday, 5 and 6 August 2017, the AUTO & TECHNIK MUSEUM SINSHEIM calls all fans of classic American cars of all brands to its museum grounds. Whether limousines, SUVs or pick-ups, all vehicles up to 1996 model years are welcome on the museum grounds. Historic US dream cars will be on display to the public and can be partially seen in action. Come admire the legendary Model T and  the notorious Pink Cadillac. The primary focus of this gathering is to celebrate the fun of American car models.

 Information for visitors
The US-Car Meeting will be held at Saturday and Sunday, August 5th and 6th 2017  from 9am till 6pm. The entrance to the meeting is free of charge.

Information for visitors and active participants

Detailed information for visitors of the event and registration information for active participants can be found on the German version of this page.

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Holger Baschleben

Holger Baschleben is your contact person for “US-Car Meeting”. If you have any questions that are not directly related to “US-Car Meeting”, we kindly ask you to use the regular contact page. Thank you.

Holger Baschleben
74889 Sinsheim
Tel.: 0049 7261-9299-47 (On business days)
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