Vintage Cars

The car exhibition at the Technik Museum Sinsheim is known worldwide. There is a continuous exhibit of over 300 vintage cars from all eras. Everything is represented at the museum, from the beginnings of the automotive industry, with a Model T Ford of those first produced on the conveyor belt, presented by Mors Kettenwagen, through to the modern era (DeLorean DMC-12).

The exhibition comprises almost everything that has ever travelled on wheels in the streets of the world, from the motor coach to Rolls-Royce luxury cars. Legendary German classics such as the Opel Super 6 or French Bugattis will the make the hearts of vintage car lovers race. Most exhibition pieces are on loan from members of our funding association, are frequently driven, and are therefore often exchanged: the exhibition is in motion in the truest sense of the word!

 Mercedes-Benz collection

One of the highlights of the vintage car exhibition at the museum is the collection of historical Mercedes automobiles. At the museum, in addition to many other models, our visitors can admire no less than 16 of the legendary Mercedes compressor-cars, among them specimen of the S, SS and SSK series from the 1920s and 1930s, all of them, in running order. Together with the Maybach-limousines they are representing the absolute top class of contemporary automobiles, as far as both, their quality and their price was concerned. To be able to aquire a dream car of this kind you had to invest the equivalent of a family home in a first-class location.

 Maybach collection

From 1921 through 1941 Maybach was building automobiles with first-ranking technology worldwide. They were always among the best, but also the most expensive fast movers on four wheels. Their top model was the "Zeppelin" of which only about 200 specimen were built. But few people were in a position to own a Maybach automobile. In the course of their 20 years of production they produced no more than 1800 vehicles, with Maybach always providing only the engine and the chassis. The best coachbuilders competed for the honor of creating constantly new dream cars, based on a Maybach chassis. At the Technik Museum Sinsheim we show one of the largest Maybach collections worldwide!

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