What is IMAX 3D Laser 4k?

The IMAX 3D laser 4k cinema on the grounds of the Auto and Technik Museum Sinsheim is one of the first of its kind worldwide. The core of this innovative technology is the two giant laser projectors, which project both 2D and 3D films in digital 4k quality on a 22 × 27 metre screen.


The dual 4k laser projection system

The ground-breaking dual 4k laser projection system from IMAX allows the sharpest, brightest, and clearest digital images ever. The system has been redesigned from the ground up. It features a completely new projection unit with laser light sources and a range of new, proprietary IMAX technologies, which offer the audience an absolutely breath-taking experience:

  • Maximum image resolution and crystal clear image definition on a 22 × 27 metre screen
  • Tremendous brightness in 2D and 3D
  • Unprecedented contrast values



12-channel sound

The new system provides more power and precision for the ultimate sound experience. It has been extended from six channels plus sub-bass to 12 channels and offers two additional side speakers as well as four new ceiling speakers. Sound is thus optimally positioned between the side walls and the front and back wall. The audience also experiences sound from above. Thanks to the laser-aligned speakers, daily automated tuning, and uncompressed soundtracks which are specifically remastered for IMAX, the audio experience reaches new highs and lows:

  • Sound system with 12 independent channels plus sub-bass
  • Optimal audio experience through six additional speakers in the ceiling and the side walls
  • Ten-fold larger dynamic range than standard audio systems
  • Optimum listening environment thanks to exceptional sound absorption and improved speaker array using laser alignment
  • Daily calibration test using patented multipoint tuning procedures for optimum performance

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