America Wild 3D-Film National Parc Adventure

45 minutes no minimum age required Deutsch

The film Wild America - The Most Beautiful National Parks invites visitors to a fascinating discovery tour through the earliest and most spectacular landscapes of U.S. National Parks. The journey includes Yellowstone Park, Glacier National Park, Yosemite and the Everglades. Using the brand new laser 4k technology of the IMAX 3D Sinsheim, three-dimensional images of unprecedented brilliance and clarity are created on the gigantic screen of the IMAX Sinsheim, giving visitors the feeling of being right where the action is. The action-packed film shows breathtaking flights over canyons kilometres deep and rugged mountain peaks as well as hikes through untouched landscapes that seem to appear from another world. Never before has it been possible to experience some of the most spectacular natural wonders as close up as in Wild America - The Most Beautiful National Parks.