Benetton-Renault B195

On August 23, 1991 a young racing driver who was to make racing Sport history before long, made his entry on the formula 1-scene. Eddy Jordan gave a certain Michael Schumacher the chance to take a whiff of Grand-Prix-air in his formula 1-team. With a polite "thank you", Schumacher drove the Jordan-Ford straight to starting grid number 7 in the qualifications at Spa- Francorchamps, Belgium. A clutch defect in the subsequent race, unfortunately, brought this flight of fancy to a sudden end. In spite of this brief appearance Flavio Briatore had taken notice of the young German driver. The boss of the Benetton team was just then searching for a hungry young pilot to act as an incentive for his top-driver Nelson Piquet who was getting on in years. In a clandestine operation he attracted Schumacher away from Jordan, shoving him into his Benetton. This was the end of the three-time world-champion. Schumacher's predominance over the ex-champion was so immense that, after the 1991 season, the latter, unnerved, abdicated from the formula 1 - scene to retire into the American cart-series.

In the following year Michael Schumacher performed his first complete formula 1-season. In the end his score consisted of 53 world-championship points, the first victory which he won at the Grand-Prix of Belgium in Spa-Francorchamps, and the third place in the drivers' rating. Following a further year of apprenticeship, which he concluded as number four, the feat was finally accomplished in 1994 - with Michael Schumacher a German driver had become world-champion in formula-1 tor the first time. Just one year later he was able to repeat this feat with the Benetton B 195 shown here.

Technical Data:
Year of Construction: 1995 | Motor: 3 liter /V10-cylinder / 700 hp Renault unsupercharged engine