De Havilland Venom "Jet Pilot"

First with pneumatic muscles controlled plane
The company Festo, member of the Technik Museum Sinsheim e.V., stocked this airplane with fluidic muscles and connected an controller. With this interactive control the visitors can control the aircraft using a joystick. To control the airplane with pneumaticle muscles it is necessary to have enough air pressure. The company Kaeser-Kompressoren delievered a powerful screw compressor. The project "Jet Pilot" was developed in friendly cooperation with the German companies Festo and Kaeser

De Havilland Venom
The pneumatically controlled aircraft "Jet-Pilot" is a real airplane model "De Havilland Venom" build in 1950, with a weight of 3 tons. It is a fighter plane and a development of the De Havilland DH100 Vampire of the first generation 1940. Externally they are almost identical, but the Venom is a little bit bigger, heavier and faster than its predecessor and reaches approximatley 2200 kp thrust to 920 km/h. The plane has a sophisticated era, aerodynamics, good subsonic flight performance and was considered quite agile. The last machine in military service was used until 1983 by Swiss Air Force - a few aircraft of this type are still used in air shows.