Maybach Zeppelin DS 7

The "Zeppelin DS 7" was built from 1930 through 1934. The number "7" in the label is referring to the motor with seven liters displacement. The automobile on exhibit in the Technik Museum Sinsheim is equipped with an extremely rare body by Erdmann & Rossi. In 1930 it was supplied as a director's car to the circus enterprise of Sembach-Krone.

Its survival was purely accidental. The car had been handed over to the Deutsche Museum of Munich where it was to be exhibited as a chassis without bodywork. But a collector succeeded in preventing this in the nick of time, and exchanged it for another "Zeppelin". In 1996 a meeting took place with the Sembach-Krone family, who had been unaware up to then of the car's survival and continuing existence.