Mercedes-Benz G4

About 72 specimens of the "G 4" were built between 1933 and 1939 of which only four are still existing, The three-axle vehicle for moderate cross-country use, had a final drive which was activated over the two rear axies. It was equipped with two gear-boxes: A five-speed transmission for road traffic as well as a reduction gear for cross-country purposes. It was powered by an 8-cylinder 540 K-motor without supercharger. The output was 115 hp. Originally, this car had been conceived as a military vehicle for general staffs. Most of these cars, however, were used by the leaders of the Third Reich. The historically valuable museum specimen served in the occupation of Austria and there after in Eastern Europe. After the war it was used as a fire brigade vehicle. Thanks to a patron of the Technik Museum Sinsheim, it has been possible to restore the car to its original condition.