Military exhibition

At all times technical innovations were not only used in the civil but also in the military field. As a matter of fact, but for the military many inventions would not have been made in the first place, and if at all then only greatly delayed. The progress that was achieved in this field in a few months‘ time towards the end of World War II under the enormous pressure of military necessities would have taken many years to materialize in times of peace.

A museum which has made it its goal to demonstrate technological history in its entirety, cannot possibly evade the obligation to award its due place to military technology, too. Along these lines, the department of military history at the Technik Museum Sinsheim is focusing its attention on the motorization of armed forces in the Second World War, with the main emphasis on tanks, aircraft, trucks, tractors and other utility vehicles.

The collection is completed by numerous further vehicles, models, uniforms, documents and articles of day-to-day life, conveying a vivid impression of the deprivations of the common soldier‘s daily struggle for existence.