Opel Blitz Truck with wood gas generator

In 1943, Daimler-Benz had to discontinue the production of their own 3-ton-truck to build the Opel “Blitz“ (“Lightning”) which was much better suited for use by the army. Since gasoline was already in extremely short supply at that time, vehicles not intended for use by the fighting troops, as the specimen on exhibit in the museum, were equipped with a wood gas generator. The requirement to economize on material is clearly evident from this highly interesting vehicle.

The driver‘s cab is made of cardboard with a skylight in its roof to keep a lookout for enemy aircraft. In back on the platform was a wood gas generator in which wood was carbonised under limited oxygen supply. The wood gas thus generated was channelled to the filter mounted in front and from there to the engine. Gasoline-fuelled the engine generated about 68 hp, with wood gas between 45 and 30 hp, depending on the quality of the wood used. The truck shown in the museum is fully functional.