Rolls-Royce Phantom II Boattail Tourer

Not only vintage car enthusiasts will get teary eyed when they catch sight of this classic Rolls-Royce. The car, equipped with a six-cylinder in-line engine and a 7.7 liter displacement of 120 hp, was built in 1933. The price at that time was 2450 Pounds which amounted to the approximate value of 20 mid-middle class cars. The history of this vehicle is as thrilling as the car itself. The chassis was built in 1933 in Derby. At first it was equipped with a five-seater sport saloon body by the coach builders Barker of London, and sold to a rich English gentleman. In the early fifties the car showed up again at the Kenya Tea Company in then British East Africa, who charged a local boatbuilder with the replacement of the old coachwork by a teakwood body in boatform, built to a design by Hooper of London. Since 1999 the vehicle can be admired at the Technik Museum Sinsheim.