Tyrrell P34

In time for the 1976 season Ken Tyrrell presented the first, and so far only, six-wheeler formula-1 car. The very narrow front-wheels were to reduce air resistance. But this goal was hardly achieved since the rear wheels and thus the buttend remained unchanged with the result that there was next to no difference in the drag coefficient.

At first, however, the P 34 appeared convincing. In addition to some good places a double win was achieved at the Grand-Prix of Sweden. But it kept falling behind in the 1977 season and was thus substituted in 1978 by a more conventional design. A reunion with this interesting car was held by the Tyrrell- team in 1996 when they visited the Technik Museum Sinsheim on occasion of the Grand-Prix of Germany taking place at the Hockenheimring.

Technical Data:
Year of Construction: 1976 | Motor: 3 liter / 8-cylinder / 420 hp Ford-Cosworth V8-unsupercharged engine | Maximum Speed: approx. 300 km/h.